Pure Yellow Colour


One Last Time, For Posterity

(10/23/13): Pureyellow.net is no more.

The domain finally ran out and stopped resolving recently. While the band, uh, disbanded years ago, the domain name lived on, just in case. Well, this post is largely to put the kibosh on that because the pretense is no longer worth keeping up. No new music will be produced, and the Rock Band Network tracks never made it past the first round of testing, but I wouldn't have missed out on any of it.

Pure Yellow Colour was an amazing experience for me, Mike, a.k.a. the one who has made all these news posts over the years. Of all the musical projects I've embarked on thus far in life, it felt like the most legitimate. It was a great collaboration with Kathy where I learned a lot about myself and the kind of music I want to make.

PYC was the impetus to finally play music I had a hand in making in front of an audience.

PYC was the impetus to ask people to actually pay to see me play music.

PYC gave me the confidence to say, officially, that I'm a musician (even if I don't make my living from it).

Over the course of its existence (5+ years), our one album, Primary, has netted us a cool $82.32 between iTunes, Spotify, and a few other online sources. It ain't much, but it ain't nothing.

For all of those who listened, came to an open-mic or show, or commented on PYC, I thank you. Hope you enjoy(ed) the music, and farewell.