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    • Reading the Archives

      I’ve been reading through my sizable archive of posts on here (the majority of which came from my ~10 years spent on LiveJournal and are now private to protect all the people who I apparently had no problem with referring to by name all the time). This is not too uncommon, as I’m wont to do this every, say, 6-12 months, reliving the nostalgia of my life using the most articulate record I know of.

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    • Composer Quest: Let’s Have a Long-Distance “Conversation”
      Composer Quest: Let’s Have a Long-Distance “Conversation”

      I had been following Internet musician/gamedev, Mr. Whitaker Trebella, for a while on Twitter; firstly because of some sweet Logic improv session videos he had done, and more generally because of his excellent additions to the game music soundtrack world.

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    • iOS WordPress App

      This app has a lot of negative reviews. Besides the “Settings” screen not actually making its own design and instead just iFraming the existing one, it’s not bad. Maybe it’s still super buggy or something?

      Nothing to blog about really, so if you’re reading this, I apologize for the disparity between this space and greatness. Have a good day!

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    • Installing Windows on Your Mac When You Have No Internal Optical Drive
      Installing Windows on Your Mac When You Have No Internal Optical Drive

      We have many computers at home. Between my wife and I, there're plenty of ways to surf the Internet, watch Netflix, and play computer games. However, not all computers are equal in power, and there're reasons to use one over another. This brings me to an on-and-off again struggle I've recently gone through, but ultimately succeeded at!, to put Windows on my 2011-era MacBook Pro.

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    • Thoughts on Playing Music in Public
      Thoughts on Playing Music in Public

      A few weekends ago, I got to play guitar in front of complete strangers, most of which I did not interact with…except through song. Yes, I did another (paid!) gig, the opportunity of which was culled from that mysterious UCSD Musicians Referral List that somehow people find on the Internet and then use to possibly contact me via.

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    • Site Updates, i.e. Maintenance

      This is not an exciting post, unless you’ve been looking for more recent information modded onto some of the basic-info-about-me pages that lurk within this site’s confines. In the event that the slim, but possible, chance encounter described above is being made right now, then have two links: 1) About and 2) Music Studio.

      An updating bug has been going around, and I caught it this morning, so both pages have many more of those helpful hyperlinks the web has to offer. The former, a little self-serving mixed with a little external-serving, directs you to some additional resources regarding me (and one other!). The latter is largely me updating a text database of musical gear with actual links to where you could either look up more information about them and/or purchase them for yourself, if you so choose.

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    • New MIDI Controller: M-Audio Axiom 25
      New MIDI Controller: M-Audio Axiom 25

      I sold a lot of old musical gear last week. I had received most as gifts or hand-me-downs over the last few years and I was looking to make a little cash, so they had to go. The gear included a classic drum machine, a synthesizer module, a preamp, a hardware compressor, and even a large 61-key MIDI keyboard. In general, I never used any of them, either because I didn’t need them or they took up too much space on my desk (I’ll let you guess which is which).

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    • Railsbridge San Diego

      Last weekend I did something I'd never done before: helped out at a programming workshop. My wife can say the same, cuz she came along and not only helped out, but was an excellent programming "student". I was really jazzed that she was interested and actually had fun.

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    • Dumeh, Musically

      There's this little project I've been working on for about, oh, a decade now. I call it "Dumeh". It's a modern (meaning it's probably a little too pop-ish, has a drumkit, and I wrote it in the 2000s) symphony in three parts (fast-slow-fast), and is in the key of Cm (I think!; not good at that kind of thing, actually). I'm working with a local union of musicians to get it performed and recorded all legitimate-like in the next few months, which I'm incredibly ecstatic about.

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    • Checking In On Band-a-Camp-a
      Checking In On Band-a-Camp-a

      Since getting most of my albums up on Bandcamp earlier this year, I’ve checked the stats pretty much every day. BC keeps track of plays (partial and full), “buzz” (where people come from), and purchases/downloads. It’s in a nifty graph and you can see recent, all-time, and many intervals in between. It’s something I never got around to doing properly when I created a custom place to host my music, so I’m glad they’re smart and ambitious and can deliver something better than I’d ever come up with on my own.

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