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    • On Blogging

      I know part of the reason for the lack of posting proper blog entries over the years is me. Yep. I got taken in by the allure of the 140-character status update, so much easier to spit out than a many-worded spiel on LiveJournal. Another part of the reason is everyone else doing the exact same thing. It’s like my friends all decided to move to a new city together and I joined them. Twitter was exciting: it was easy to contribute and there were lots and lots of updates, so the content feed rarely felt stale. Even figuring out how to sum up my current condition in a captioned snapshot was in itself an art form. Cleverness was needed to make them count. But that’s the thing with being clever: it rarely tells the whole story.

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    • There Is One Blog Post!

      Just finished watching the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled “Chain of Command.” That’s the one where Crusher, Worf, and Picard go on a seekrit mission and Picard gets captured by the Cardassians. He is then systematically tortured for a while, wherein the Internet eventually received the “There are…four lights!” meme.

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    • Let’s All Go to the Movies

      I never went to a lot of movies at the theater, but the frequency has only gone down as the years go by. The ability to have a big screen and nice sound system in your living room, as well as many channels of access to the movies themselves, has made paying increasing prices and dealing with sometimes noisy and oftentimes busy movie theaters a deal I do not wish to put up with much anymore. Let’s sit on the couch and check out NetFlix’s offerings instead, k?

      However, the result of this is that when I do go to the movies, it’s kind of a special treat. I’ll be going to two movies this week, which is rare as hell. Other peeps wanting to go is my main motivation. This odd week of splurging on the theater is spurred on by that very thing.

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    • Meta-Accomplishment

      Accomplishment is a drug. Each time you successfully achieve something you get a little rush. Dopamine or seratonin or some kind of neurotransmitter is released and you’re doing all right. But what about when you don’t have time to finish something? What if you can’t actually finish it because you’re not able? What if the end goal is just not within reach at this very moment? You need a hit of that accomplishment energy, so you gotta do something.

      Meta-accomplishments, man.

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    • Minecraft Lost

      Remember about a month ago when I said I started playing Minecraft, tossing caution and productivity to the wind? That fire burned bright for a solid week. Oh, how it burned. Several late night sessions, as well as a weekend WLAN party. People built many majestic structures and we chatted the evenings away. It made me feel like certain WoW play sessions from years ago. I even installed phpBB on my host and set up a one-pager explaining how to log in to our servers if anyone recommended someone else come and check it out.

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    • On Death and Taxes

      We’re all gonna die someday (unless science figures out how we can live eternally, and hopefully at our 20-something biologies and psychologies). There. This post is now about “death”.

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    • To Sleep, Perchance to Pass Out

      Sleep is something all humans need. How much sleep we need is arguable, but we all seem to perform our daily tasks better if we get at least a modicum of sleep.

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    • Vacationing on a Week Day

      Having one single day off in the middle of the work week is weird. It’s like a surprise weekend, but only half of one. Tomorrow I have to go back to work, and I know a lot of people are just going to take it off, but not me. Thus, I’m gonna feel pretty unmotivated to get much done, and it’s gonna feel like a wasted day. Ploo.

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    • Portent of Recent Reflection


      This is gonna be a smattering of observations of things that have occurred lately. I apologize for not being more focused, but that’s not really my…uh…focus. Ahem.

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    • Declutterification

      No matter how big the place I’ve lived in, at some point I’ve felt like I needed to declutter. To purge. The combination of acquisition and entropy eventually lead me to feel a little bit anxious. Also, removing something from my possession to the tune of some easy cash always sounds like a positive move.

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