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    • Making a Better Web Portfolio

      I’ve had the domain since 03/03/2003 (wow, I swear I didn’t pick that day for any particular reason). Before that I had some personal websites, but they didn’t have the distinctive vanity address that I eventually picked out for myself. Generally, it’s been a place to showcase my original music, and it’s been fun updating it every year or so with a new look or technology. Music hasn’t been a very profitable business, however, and so in 2009 I bought, ostensibly to showcase my very web development skills themselves.

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    • Adventures in Food Preparation: Muddie Buddies

      Robyn mentioned some seriously sweet sounding snack recently, called “Muddie Buddies”. She’s feeling a bit under the weather so she just observed as I did the actual preparation. This is rare.

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    • Eating Habits

      Even though it would be more cost-effective, I enjoy purchasing food at work rather than bringing it.

      Part of my morning routine that I enjoy is tempering the blah feeling I have of getting up early and then walking into my office by making a “pit stop” of sorts at the nearby cafeteria. I’m at work, in a sense, but still not at work yet. Smelling the brewing coffee and pastries helps start my day.

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    • Holiday Hijinks

      Robyn and I decided to decorate our house for Christmas today. We already had our 4′ fake tree up on an end table next to the living room window, a wreath was hung from the front door, and our stockings were hung on a nearby bookshelf, but we hadn’t put up any lights! Lights are what make any holiday worth its salt…worth its NaCl.

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    • Adventures in Sneaking

      Through repeated plays of many games that require you to overcome enemies to progress through a narrative, I’ve come to a conclusion: save for a game that actually punishes you for it, by dint of its overall treatment (e.g. Metal Gear, Thief), the best way to win is to Rambo, not stealth-play, the situation.

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    • Just One Password Needed
      Just One Password Needed

      It had been suggested that I use 1Password a while ago. Since I was already used to using browser-based user/pass management, the thought of purchasing something to input them all over again was discouraging to say the least.

      However, due to the good nature of a friend, I was gifted a Mac license of 1Password recently. The interface is slick as hell, and I found that it did a lot more than just give you a notepad to put passwords.

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    • An Artsy Shot from Julian
      An Artsy Shot from Julian

      I had a friend (continue to) stand in front of a scenic overlook while we were perched atop a hill in Julian recently. He was standing there, most likely taking in the majesty of nature, and I figured it would make a good shot. I said to not move, he remained motionless and I clicked the button on the camera. The result was pretty good. Also, it was cold.

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      I love our house. In the summer, for the most part, the insulation kept the inside cool despite it being cold outside. When it didn’t do a good enough job, or it was simply too hot outside, we used the air conditioner.

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    • Money Money Money Money

      You may think this post is about finances. You’d be right. Clever reader.

      To preface this, I use to keep track of my finances. Yes, this means they most likely have hashes of all of my financial institution’s online website passwords. I try not to think about it. Why go through the hassle? Mint just makes it too easy. I can’t imagine ever wanting to not use them at this point.

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    • Post-Thanksgiving 2010 Day 3 of 3

      Our final day in Julian was short, and a little weird, and threw us quite an unexpected turn.

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